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Couple/Family Counselling

Contact us to book a session and learn more by calling: (647) 952-2187


Payment is due at the beginning of each session and can be made in cash, or e-transfer. If you choose to pay by e-transfer you must complete after payment at the maximum of 48 hours after a session.


Keeping an appointment is important for the therapeutic process and in fairness to all clients it is required that 48-hours notice by email or phone be provided, otherwise, you are responsible for the full fee of the session.


Social Work (MSW) services, in most cases, are covered under employment health insurance plans. Many employment health insurance plans offer coverage and require clients to pay the full fee “out of pocket” before reimbursement. Sometimes clients are not fully covered and are required to “co-pay” for a portion of the fee. It is the client’s responsibility to check with their coverage for Social Work (MSW) prior to scheduling an appointment.”